Biden Maintains His Conviction That Xi Jinping Retains Dictatorial Authority

biden believes Xi Jinping is a dictator

In expressing his views on Chinese President Xi Jinping, US President Joe Biden maintained on Wednesday his conviction that Xi operates as a dictator. This assertion persisted despite the two leaders making strides in their relationship during a rendezvous outside San Francisco.

Biden expounded, stating, “Well, look, he’s a dictator.” He emphasized that this perspective arises from Xi presiding over a nation adhering to communism, employing a governance paradigm distinctly disparate from ours. He added, “Anyway, we made progress.”

In response to Biden’s recent commentary during a Chinese Foreign Ministry briefing on Thursday, a spokesperson labeled it as “extremely erroneous.” The spokesperson further deemed it an “irresponsible political maneuver, which China firmly opposes.”

The spokesperson, Mao Ning, emphasized, “What needs highlighting is that there will perpetually be individuals with ulterior motives endeavoring to undermine China-US relations. Their endeavors are destined to fail.”

In the summer, Beijing responded fervently. The trigger was the president drawing parallels between his Chinese counterpart and “dictators” in June, prompting a vehement retaliation.

This statement unfolded during an off-camera campaign reception in California. At that event, Biden criticized Xi for his unease following the US interception of a Chinese spy balloon that had strayed off course over the United States.

Xi Jinping’s perturbation stemmed from my downing a balloon, concealing two boxcars of espionage equipment, catching him unaware. No, I’m serious. Dictators find it greatly embarrassing when events unfold without their foreknowledge,” asserted Biden at that juncture.

In June, Beijing’s response was swift and incensed. The foreign ministry’s spokesperson strongly rejected the remarks, stating that they fundamentally contradicted established facts and grievously breached diplomatic decorum. Additionally, the spokesperson emphasized that the comments profoundly violated China’s political dignity.


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