The Days of 47 Parade 2023: A Celebration of Utah’s History

Days of 47 Parade in 2023

 The Days of ’47 Parade 2023 will be held on Monday, July 24th. The parade will begin at 9:00 am, and it is expected to last for two hours. The parade has become a beloved tradition that brings together people from all walks of life with its colorful floats, marching bands, and enthusiastic spectators.

Utah’s rich history and vibrant culture come alive every year during the Days of 47 Parade. This iconic event commemorates the arrival of the Mormon pioneers to the Salt Lake Valley in 1847.In this article, we will delve into the history, significance, and highlights of the Days of 47 Parade

Days of '47 parade

Day & Date:

Monday, 24 July 2023


9:00 AM – 11:59 PM


  • The route starts at South Temple and State Street.
  • Then runs East to 200 East.
  • Then turns South to 900 South.
  • Then turns East to 600 East (Liberty Park).

The Importance of the Parade

The parade holds immense historical and cultural importance for the state of Utah. It serves as a reminder of the bravery, determination, and sacrifices made by the early settlers who shaped the region’s destiny. Moreover, the Days of 47 Parade celebrates the diverse heritage and cultural contributions of various communities within Utah.

Days of ’47 Parade 2023 Route

The parade follows a designated route through downtown Salt Lake City. The festivities typically begin with a flag ceremony and a patriotic tribute to honour the nation’s history. As the parade progresses, spectators can enjoy a wide array of performances, music, and displays that showcase the unique aspects of Utah’s past and present.

Floats and Performances

One of the highlights of the Days of 47 Parade is the magnificent floats that adorn the procession. Each float tells a story, often depicting scenes from Utah’s history or showcasing cultural themes. These intricately designed and decorated floats capture the imagination of the audience and provide a visual spectacle.

Marching Bands and Drum Corps

The parade is accompanied by an array of marching bands and drum corps, filling the air with lively music and rhythmic beats. These talented musicians, hailing from local schools, universities, and communities, add an energetic and melodic element to the celebration, further enhancing the festive atmosphere.

Costumes and Historical Reenactments

In keeping with the spirit of the pioneers, many participants don period costumes and engage in historical reenactments during the parade. This allows spectators to witness firsthand the challenges and triumphs of the early settlers, providing a glimpse into Utah’s past and fostering a deeper appreciation for its history.

Participation and Community Involvement

The Days of 47 Parade in 2023 is a true community event, with various organizations, businesses, and individuals coming together to make it a success. Local schools, community groups, and cultural associations actively participate in the parade, showcasing their creativity, talent, and pride in their heritage.

Spectator Experience and Traditions

Spectators lining the parade route are treated to a vibrant and interactive experience. Many families have established annual traditions of attending the parade, often reserving the same spot year after year. It has become a time for families and friends to come together, share stories, enjoy food and drinks, and revel in the festivities.

Days of 47 Royalty

A unique aspect of the Days of 47 Parade is the presence of the parade royalty. Each year, a queen, two attendants, and a grand marshal are chosen to represent the spirit of the parade and its historical significance. This tradition adds a regal touch and serves as a reminder of the parade’s royal origins.

Cultural Diversity and Unity

Utah is a melting pot of diverse cultures, and the Days of 47 Parade celebrates this multicultural heritage. The parade showcases various ethnic groups, highlighting their traditions, dances, music, and costumes. It promotes inclusivity and fosters a sense of unity among different communities, emphasizing the shared values and aspirations that bind them together.

The Economic Impact

The Days of 47 Parade has a significant economic impact on the region. The influx of visitors and the increased foot traffic during the parade result in a boost to local businesses, including restaurants, hotels, and retail establishments. The event also generates employment opportunities and contributes to the overall growth of the tourism sector.

Conservation and Sustainability Efforts

In recent years, the Days of 47 Parade has taken steps to prioritize conservation and sustainability. Efforts are made to reduce waste, promote recycling, and minimize the ecological footprint of the event. This commitment to environmental stewardship ensures that future generations can continue to enjoy the parade while preserving Utah’s natural beauty.

Support and Sponsorship

The Days of 47 Parade is made possible through the support and sponsorship of numerous organizations and individuals. Local businesses, government entities, and community partners contribute funds, resources, and expertise to ensure the smooth execution of the parade. Their involvement reflects a shared commitment to preserving and celebrating Utah’s history and culture.

Challenges and Adaptations

Over the years, the Days of 47 Parade has faced various challenges, including inclement weather, logistical hurdles, and evolving public expectations. However, organizers have consistently risen to the occasion, adapting to changing circumstances and ensuring that the parade remains a cherished tradition for years to come.

Future Outlook and Conclusion

Looking ahead, the Days of 47 Parade is poised to continue its legacy as a celebration of Utah’s history, culture, and community spirit. As new generations embrace the event and contribute their unique perspectives, the parade will evolve while staying true to its roots. The Days of 47 Parade serves as a reminder of the past, a celebration of the present, and a beacon of hope for the future.


The Days of 47 Parade 2023 is more than just a procession; it is a testament to Utah’s heritage and the enduring spirit of its people. This grand celebration brings together individuals from all walks of life to honour the pioneers, celebrate diversity, and foster a sense of unity. As each float passes by and each band plays its tune, the Days of 47 Parade weaves a tapestry of stories, connecting the past with the present and inspiring generations to come.

What are the Days of 47 Parade? 
The Days of 47 Parade is an annual event that commemorates the arrival of the Mormon pioneers to the Salt Lake Valley in 1847. It features floats, marching bands, and cultural performances.
When do the Days of 47 Parade take place? 
The parade is held on July 24th each year, marking the Pioneer Day holiday in Utah.
How long is the parade? 
The length of the parade varies each year, but it typically lasts around two hours.
Can anyone participate in the parade? 
Yes, the parade is open to various organizations, groups, and individuals who wish to showcase their creativity and celebrate Utah’s history and culture. Participation guidelines are provided by the parade organizers.
Are there any associated events or activities during the Days of 47 Parade? 
Yes, alongside the parade, there are often additional events and activities, such as fireworks displays, concerts, rodeos, and cultural exhibitions, that take place throughout the Pioneer Day celebrations.
Where is the best place to watch the Days of 47 Parade? 
Spectators can line the parade route in downtown Salt Lake City to get the best view of the floats, bands, and performances. It is recommended to arrive early to secure a good spot.

In conclusion, the Days of 47 Parade is a cherished event that brings together Utah’s diverse communities to celebrate its rich history and culture. Through floats, performances, and displays, the parade honours the pioneers and showcases the unity and resilience of the people. As the tradition continues to evolve, it remains a beloved spectacle that fosters a sense of pride, camaraderie, and appreciation for Utah’s heritage.

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