Salt Lake Pioneer Day Parade Route 2023

salt lake pioneer day parade route 2023

The salt lake pioneer day parade route 2023 is an enduring tradition in Salt Lake City, commemorating the arrival of the Mormon pioneers in Utah in 1847. It takes place on Pioneer Day, which falls on the Monday following the Fourth of July.

Location And Timing:

The pioneer day parade route commences at the intersection of South Temple and State Street, proceeds eastward until reaching 200 East, then turns south and continues until 900 South. From there, it heads eastward once again, concluding at Liberty Park. The parade commences at 9:00 am and generally lasts approximately two hours.

Map for salt lake pioneer day parade route

On the day of the event, the parade route is closed to vehicular traffic. Around the road, there are a few authorized parking spots, but they get busy quickly. Arrive early and choose a location along the parade route for the greatest viewing.
Following are a few tips for enjoying the parade:

  • If you want an adequate place, get there early.
  • Don’t forget to bring a chair or a blanket.
  • Since the day of the parade might get hot, bring a drink and sunscreen.
  • Prepare yourself for crowds.

Parade Route: A Historical Celebration

The Salt Lake Pioneer Day Parade has a long-standing history that began in the late 19th century. It originated as a way to honor the Mormon pioneers who arrived in the Salt Lake Valley on July 24, 1847. Over the years, the parade grew in popularity and became an essential part of Pioneer Day celebrations in Salt Lake City.

Unveiling the Parade Route

Starting Point: Temple Square

The Salt Lake Pioneer Day Parade begins its grand procession at the historic Temple Square, a sacred site for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The square is adorned with beautiful gardens, magnificent architecture, and the awe-inspiring Salt Lake Temple. As the parade sets off, the air fills with excitement and anticipation.

Main Street: A Vibrant Path

The parade then follows the lively Main Street, which winds its way through the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. Spectators line the streets, eagerly awaiting the impressive display of floats, marching bands, and community groups. The festive atmosphere is contagious, as people from all walks of life come together to celebrate the pioneers’ legacy.

South Temple: Iconic Landmarks

Continuing along the parade route, South Temple treats parade-goers to breathtaking views of some of Salt Lake City’s most iconic landmarks. The Utah State Capitol building, with its magnificent neoclassical architecture, stands proudly on Capitol Hill, offering a stunning backdrop to the festivities. The Governor’s Mansion, a historic home showcasing elegant design, is another notable landmark along South Temple.

Liberty Park: A Family-Friendly Destination

The parade route then leads to Liberty Park, a beloved destination for families and outdoor enthusiasts. With sprawling green spaces, picturesque ponds, and a charming aviary, Liberty Park provides a serene setting for parade attendees to relax and enjoy the festivities. Here, you can savor delicious food from local vendors, participate in various activities, and immerse yourself in the pioneer spirit.

Final Destination: Sugarhouse Park

The grand finale of the Salt Lake Pioneer Day Parade takes place at Sugarhouse Park. This expansive park offers ample space for a captivating closing ceremony. Families gather on the grassy fields, spreading out picnic blankets and eagerly awaiting the culminating performances and fireworks. The air is filled with laughter, cheer, and a profound sense of unity as the celebrations reach their crescendo.

The Days of ’47 Parade is a great way to celebrate Pioneer Day and learn about Utah’s history. It’s a fun and festive event that the whole family can enjoy.

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