Top 5 Places to Celebrate Pioneer Day Fireworks 2023😃

pioneer day fireworks

Get ready to celebrate Utah’s Pioneer Day fireworks 2023 and exciting events! Pioneer Day, celebrated on the 24th of July, is a cherished tradition in Utah, commemorating the arrival of the Mormon pioneers to Salt Lake City. This annual celebration brings communities together to honor their pioneer heritage and enjoy a day filled with festivities.

University Place Orem

575 East Univ. Parkway Orem, UT 84097

  • Presented By: University Place Orem
  • Dates: July 24, 2023
  • Location: University Place Orem
  • Time: 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Fireworks at Bear Lake

Ideal Beach, Blue Water & Sun Resorts , 2176 S Bear Lake Blvd, Garden City, UT 84028, USA

Date & Time:

  • Jul 22, 8:00 pm
  • Jul 23,11:00 pm

Jackson Flat Reservoir

Date & Time:

  • July 24, 2023 8:00 pm

Don’t miss the fireworks this July 24th, after dark at Jackson Flat Reservoir.

Pioneer day fireworks at Bountiful

Mueller Park Junior High School, 955 E 1800 S, Bountiful, UT 84010

Date & Time:

  • July 15, 2023 10:00 pm

Drone Show Fireworks Jordan Park

The drone show at Jordan Park, located at 1060 S. 900 West, is scheduled to commence at 10 p.m. on Saturday.

This captivating spectacle will include a dazzling display of lights, meticulously choreographed formations, and breathtaking aerial acrobatics lasting approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

Attendees will have the opportunity to indulge in delicious fare from food trucks and live enjoy, creating an unforgettable experience for all.

Liberty Park Event Time & Date

On July 24, 2023, the Pioneer Day show at Liberty Park, situated at 600 E. Harvey Milk Blvd., will also captivate audiences at 10 p.m.

As the festivities continue, visitors can revel in the mesmerizing display of drones, adding a touch of magic to this joyous celebration.

The Significance of Fireworks

Fireworks have long been associated with celebrations and special events. The vibrant bursts of color and the explosive sounds captivate our senses, filling us with awe and wonder. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, fireworks hold deeper symbolism. They represent the triumph of light over darkness, the spirit of unity, and the joy of shared experiences.

Drone Shows:

pioneer day fireworks

The Pioneer Day Drones showcase a breathtaking display of colors, illuminating the night sky with explosions of light and joy. The vivid bursts of red, blue, green, and gold paint a mesmerizing tapestry against the darkness, leaving spectators awestruck and filled with a sense of wonder. This spellbinding showcase is a delight for families, friends, and visitors alike, forging a strong sense of community and camaraderie.

Finding the Best Viewing Spots: Tips and Tricks

For locals and visitors planning to attend the Pioneer Day Fireworks, we’ve compiled a list of the best viewing spots to ensure an unforgettable experience.

From parks and rooftops to designated viewing areas, our expert recommendations guarantee an unobstructed view of the dazzling spectacle. Additionally, arriving early and bringing along essentials like blankets and snacks will enhance your enjoyment of this jubilant event.

1. Photography Tips for Capturing the Magic

A photographer’s dream, the Pioneer Day events offers incredible opportunities to capture stunning shots. To help you make the most of this occasion, our photography experts have shared invaluable tips and techniques. From adjusting camera settings to mastering the art of long-exposure photography, our guide empowers enthusiasts to preserve the magic of the fireworks forever.

2. The Sparkler Showdown: Fun for All Ages

drone shows fireworks

Apart from the main fireworks extravaganza, the Pioneer Day celebrations include an array of interactive activities, and the “Sparkler Showdown” remains a favorite among children and the young at heart. This friendly competition sees participants drawing mesmerizing patterns in the air with sparklers, resulting in a display of sparkling artwork that leaves everyone enthralled.

3. Safety First: Firework Handling Guidelines

As fervent advocates of safety, we emphasize the importance of adhering to firework handling guidelines. While fireworks are captivating and joyous, they require responsible use to prevent accidents and injuries.

Finding the Best Pioneer Day Fireworks

If you’re looking to witness the most extraordinary Pioneer Day fireworks, here are some locations that offer unforgettable experiences:

1. Fireworks in Salt Lake City, Utah

As the birthplace of Pioneer Day, Salt Lake City hosts one of the most awe-inspiring fireworks shows in the country. Salt Lake City’s vast landscape transforms into a captivating stage for an awe-inspiring showcase of pyrotechnic mastery.

The enchanting drone shows will be held at Jordan Park on the Saturday preceding Independence Day, and a separate performance will take place at Liberty Park on July 24 as part of the Pioneer Day celebrations.

Also, read about the salt lake pioneer day parade date and timing.

2. Provo, Utah

Provo, a vibrant city in Utah County, also boasts a remarkable Pioneer Day celebration. The festivities take place at the Stadium of Fire, an annual event featuring renowned musical performances followed by an awe-inspiring fireworks extravaganza. The synchronized display leaves the audience in awe as fireworks dance across the night sky, perfectly complementing the energetic atmosphere of the event.

3. St. George, Utah

St. George, located in the southwestern part of Utah, is another destination known for its breathtaking Drone show. The city’s warm climate and picturesque landscape provide an idyllic setting for this spectacular display. Families gather at parks and open spaces, eagerly awaiting the moment when the night sky comes alive with brilliant bursts of light, creating a shared sense of joy and camaraderie.


In conclusion, Pioneer Day Fireworks 2023 captivate audiences with its mesmerizing display of color, light, and celebration. This grand event commemorates the pioneers’ enduring spirit and serves as a reminder of the triumph of human will. From its historical significance to the spellbinding visuals, the Fireworks is an experience not to be missed. Join us in celebrating this exceptional occasion and creating lasting memories with your Family.

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